EXCLUSIVO! Revenge Of The Fallen- A história do filme


Para compensar o tempo que o blog têm andado parado com a produção de Ultimate Invasion, vou postar aqui algo estupidamente espetacular, que irá servir de desculpa para não postar mais nada o resto da semana.

Na américa, foi recentemente lançado em uma loja Walmart o livro que relata a história do filme Revenge of the fallen. Ora, na minha opinião, foi uma ideia estupidamente má e irresponsável lançar o livro 39 dias antes do filme estrear, pois, mesmo só tendo sido umas poucas edições em uma única loja, o livro obviamente iria estar disponível em todos os lugares da web, e obviamente já teriam todos os nerds do mundo a comentarem por MSN, com críticas ridículas do tipo “Meu deus! O Skids transforma-se em um Beat verde!”  “Meu deus! O Megatron ainda têm espinhas!”  “Meu deus! não faz lembrar o filme de 1986!”, etc.

E, o nosso querido membro Brundok do TFW2005 resumiu os capítulos do livro! Quem quizer ler, basta clicar aqui ou ver abaixo…

… Mas lembrem-se, Spoilers FORTÍSSIMOS!!!!





… Eu avisei!



A Group of hunters chasing a large cat are interupted bby a large metal foot. The Robot seems indifferent to them, but picks one up to scan it. The other hunters are on their faces worshi[ing this new “God”. After THe robot disposes of the human, he walks away with the leader of the hunters and a few other following him. As they gaze into a canyon they see other smaller “God” building a “Basket” that comes to a point.

Chapter One:

Shanghai. In a quiet industrial area of the city, a beat up ice cream truck is moving along(it has a bumper sticker that reads “DECEPTICONS-SUCK MY POPSICLE”), nearby are three Bikes (reffered to as being the same Entity). Onto a more remote area NEST is moving in, with Lennox and Epps leading. Ironhide is there as well and they are searching for Decepticon readings. As the readings are getting stronger Ironhide calls for Sideswipe, ironhide berates the twins, and the Arcee Tripletts transform into rebot modeeventually Demolishor shows himself and the Battle begins. Sideways appears and decides to run for it. The twins pursue, but the alley Sideways goes down is to narrow for them. They split and begin to argue amongst themselves. The Arcees pursue, and force sideways into a fight, The Arcees Merge into One bot and are two fast for Sideways. Sideswipe enters the fray and skewers Sideways. Back to Demolishor, He’s escaping towards more a populated area. Optimus jumps from a C-17 to parchute down to where demolishor is going to be. He races towards an overpass and jumps on Demolishor as he crashed through it. Ironhide enters the battle and the two Autobots take down the large Decepticon. In his dying breath Demolishor says””This is not your planet to rule…….The Fallen—-The Fallen……. Shall Rise Again!”.

Chapter 2:
Mostly Funny interactions between Sam, Ron, and Judy, then Between Sam And Mikaela. Sam Finds the alspark fragment, it enters his mind, and burns his hand. He drops it and it burns through the floor of his room into the kitchen. A familiar burst brings a toaster, micowave, cappacinno machine, mixer and a Cel phone to life (the microwave kills the Cel Phone). They go after Sam. Sam runs into his dad as the little robots blast at them. Sam yell for Bee and he comes out, guns blazing and destroys the bots as well as a portion of the house. The firemen get there and Ron tells them a story as Judy is freaking out and she wants Bee away from the house. Sam find the Allspark Shard and puts in a 35mm Film canister. Mikaela shows up and Sam gives her the shard to keep, “He’ll explain later”.

Chapter 3:
The famous “Bee.. I’m not taking you with me” scene. After Sam’s and Bee’s farewells, then onto Sam’s and Mikaela’s. As everyone is leaving, Wheelie(again mislabled Wheels) shows up, accquiring Mikaela as his target.

Chapter 4:
Director Galloway shows upon Diego Garcia Island (HQ of NEST).
Soundwave merges with a military Satalite.
Galloway talks with Moreshower, Lennox, Epps, and Optimus about the nessessity of the Autobot/human agreement.
Soundwave overhears the location of Megatron and the allspark shard(in NEST HQ), and pulls maps for the locations from the satalite.
Galloway asks optimus that if requested, would the Autobots leave, because obvliously with the alspark destroyed, the decepticons are attacking still because of the autobots. Optimus says they would leave if ask, but then asked, what if the the Humans are wrong as to the decepticon’s intent.
Soundwave deploys a small pod from his body that heads towards earth.

Chapter 5:
Sam and Fmaily make it to school. He finds his dorm room, and his roomate Leo is the runner of the Conspiracy Theory Site www.therealeffingdeal.com, who is in competition with www.gianteffingrobots.com which is ran by robowarrior. Leo as two cronies (or guys nerdier than him, as it were) setting his servers up, and he’s littered the entire room with his crap. Sam’s parent meet him in the room, startled by Leo’s mess. Sam notices a Brownie on the box his mother is carrying, she says she bought it off a kid. Realizing the brownie had “extra sugar” in it, Sam and Ron try to stop her from eating it, but she consumes it fast and says it’s her time to cheat. Leo and Sam run into alice as Ron and Judy leave the area, Alice seems strangly interested in Sam, much to Leo’s dismay. Crazy antics ensue as Judy is high from the brownie. Sam and Ron finnally get her in the car.
Ravage Lands near the base holding the shard. He is able to get on top of the hangar that contains it. He spits out numerous Bearing that sprout legs, and are said to resemble Ravage. They make their way down the shaft and merge together to create a very thing humanoid figure that steals the allspark shard. It sets off alarms, the military react. It kills at least one soldier and excapes back to ravage. Ravage consumes the Mini bots back into himself, as the shard falls into the hands of the doctor, who is clinging to Ravage. Discovered by the military, Ravage runs and excapes the Island,

Chapter 6:
Sam ends up at a frat party with Leo and his “boys”. During the party, Alice approaches him and in a mix of confusion gets Sam on the dance floor, in which he loses track of time and stands up Mikaela in their first webcam date. He just happenss to notice the time just when a car alarm goes off and someone complains about a yellow camero parked in the bushes. Sam goes out to bumblebee, and just gets out of getting his butt kicked by frat boys by jumping in bumblebee and taking off, but not before alice jumps in the passenger seat. Bumblebee plays some suggestive music while alice and sam are talking pertaining to cheating, then flattens and folds Alice’s seat so she bangs her head, then spews antifreeze through the ac vent on her. She doesnt seem to be mad at sam, but decied to walk home.
Bumble lets an upset sam know that he has to see optimus and takes sam to meet optimus at a graveyard (unlike the scenes from the trailer, this scene takes place in the dark in the book) where Optimus tries to get sam to speak for the autobots to the goverment to make them realize that asking the autobots to leave would be wrong. Sam wants nothing to do with it because of a mixture of wanting a normal life, and lack of self confidence. Optimus realizes this and tries to sway sam, but Sam cant be swayed, and he says goodbye to his friends to return back to school.
6 decepticons decend the abyss the dead ‘cons were dropped into. When they reach the bottom the doctor goes over to megatron’s body and checks it out, then calls for parts. After a few seconds of silence, three of the Constructicons attack and rip appart their forth comrad to use as parts for Megatron. The Doctor finishes the job useing the shard to revive megatron. All of the robots accend through the water, to the motice of the miltary, who are attemting to respond to the blips that were showing up in the abyss.

Chapter 7:
Sam’s first day of class. He reads his pompous professors 903 page book in seconds, then argues with him, going as far as writing cybertronian symbols on the chalkboardm stating that Einstien’s thoeries as well as his were wrong. The professor kicks him out of class just as Sam comes out of his trance. Sam goes to the library and finds a book on his great grandfather and begins to wonder if he’s going crazy like him.
Megatron makes it to a frozen planet where the Nemesis was sitting (I assume crashed from some reason). He makes contact with the Fallen, and appears to be subservient to the Fallen. The Fallen promises to make Megatron a Prime upon success of their campaign, but megatron is confused with the loss of the allspark. The Fallen explains that the allspark can never be destroyed, that it will shift itself under great diress to another form, and it did so by entering Sam’s mind. Megatron must find Sam as he is the key to the decepticons winning the war. Starscream shows his face, and a decent megatron/starscream argument ensues. Megatron let’s starscream live, and he initiates the opening of the 13 sarcophagi.
Sam Calls Mikaela, and while they are talking about Sam’s issues mikaela catches Wheelie trying to break into her safe to steal the shard that sam gave her. She makes Wheelie yell her some info, then decided it’s time to go to Sam.
Lennox and epps are set to move as the Autobots have confirmed reading of several decepticon sightings in the easter US.

Chapter 8:
Mikaela is in line at the airport, quite paranoid, to check her bag (which is a box containing wheelie). The person at the counter let’s it through locked.
Alice comes to see Sam, and runs into Leo outside their room. Leo tries to put the moves on her, but she opens the door to their room and Sam is in there writing cybertronia cymbals all over the walls. Alice kicks out leo and attempts to put the moves on Sam.
Leo is in the common room watching tv when he runs into a commercial for a disney park that has a new alice in wonderland ride, with lifelike animatronic figures. The Alice figures looks just like Alice that is in Sam’s room. Back in the room, Sam is trying to stop Alice from making moves on his, but she is overpowering him and pulls him into a kiss, while liplocked a tentacle with a needle comes out of the back of her head, but Mikaela enters the room and Alice gets the tenticle back into herself before Sam or Mikaela see. An argument ensues about Sam cheating and mikaela walks away. Sam goes to follow but is stopped as a tenticle wraps around his neck, when he turns he sees it’s alices tongue. Mikaela turns around as she hears Sam struggling and see’s Alice attacking Sam. She throws the box containing wheelie at alices head knocking it competely around. Just them Leo shows up to tell Sam about the Animatronic Alice he saw on TV and sees the real Alice with her head backwards. Alice attacks them all, but they run from her and head to the Library. As they are trying to explain things to Leo alice mkaes it to the Library in Full metalic Robot mode blowinf stuff up. They get out of the library and get into a car that Mikaela is able to hotwire, just then alice attacks the car. Mikaela crashes the car into a pole, knockinf alice off, then runs her over and drives away, but not before retrieving the box containing wheelie. The Car is then picked up by a helicopter and dropped in a nearby foundry. The trio is confronted with starscream and Megatron

chapter 9:
Megatron sicks the doctor on sam to examine him to find if he indeed has the info from the allspark in him. Satisfied, the doctor is going to slice open sam head when he gets blown to bits and optimus comes down and attacks megatron and starscream. Bumblebee comes in and rescues Leo and Mikaela, Sam is pulled from the foundry by optimus. The battle ensues outside and optimus is doing well, as the helicopter (unnamed) transforms to attack as well. Optimus slices the helicopter’s head in two. He then is doing a rather good job against Megatron and Starscream. As he is focused on starscream Megatron impales Optimus, sending him into statis lock. Bumblebee appears to try to get sam out of there. As Starscream and megatron are going to kill bumblebee other shots hit megtron from ironhide and ratchet, and megatron sees the twins, arcee, and sideswipe coming as well. And he flees with starscream. Ratchet explains that optimus is not dead but it could take a long time for optimus to self repair and leave stasis lock/
Megatron ans Starscream are on a remote island, as Megatron berates Starscream for messing up again. Megatron says to leave finding the boy up to the Humans. Soundwave Pinpoints the Celphone signature of judy’s phone.
Ron and Judy are enjoying Paris when Soundwave calls Judy demanding the location of Sam, she hangs up on him and turns of fher phone.
Two orbs decend on the earth, one hitting the US’s largest AC carrier and taking it down. Ron and Judy are heading back to there hotel when they expierience an “earthquake”, which turns out to be a big metal hand that scoops them up.
Back at teh pentagon as they are trying to figure out what happned to their AC carrier when megatron takes over every single tv and monitor across the world letting the humans know of their exsistance and the fact that they are a threat, and all he wants is for the humans to turn over Sam.

Chapter 10: (halfway there, pagewise)
The Autobots bring Optimuses body back to an airforce base(minus BB and the twins). Galloway is there and basically disbands NEST and sends the autobots with Lennox and epps back to the NEST HQ to await further orders. Lennox isn’t happy, but he knows he’ll get his shot at both the ‘Cons and Galloway.Ironhide orders the Autobots to follow orders after Sideswipe reminds him that that is what Optimus would want.
Sam, Mikaela, and Leo regroup with BB, Skids and Mudflap in an abandoned Prison. The Boys and the twins discuss with each other the fate of Optimus, and what their next move is, with some fun banter between the twins and Leo. Mikaela helps repair an injury BB recieved. Sam beats himself up over Optimus’s Fate, Mikaela and BB try to make him realize it isn’t his fault. After Sam snaps out of his grief, they begin to go through the facts since misson city. Sam realizes that that is when the AllSPark transfered the info into him, explaining why he suddenly got so school smart. When he found the shard , it jumpstarted the Cybertronian part of the knowledge. Sam inscribes some of the markinga nad asks Skids, mudflap, and BB if they recognise them. They recognise them as the Language of the primes, but it is far to old, and they dont know how to read it. Leo mentions that the person who might know is his Web-arch-enemy Robowarrior.

Chapter 11:
They drive to Manhattan and find that Robowarrior is Ex-agent Simmons, working in his mother’s Deli. Some rather funny Dialog ensues, and Simmons really doesnt want them there, But when Sam says they need his Help, Simmons attitude changes to “Soooo, you need myyyyy heeeeellp?” type, and Sam talk him into helping. Simmons takes them to his Hidden HQ in the Meat Fridge. Simmons Shows the kids info he gathered from various places (including sector seven) that shows the cybertronian symbols showing up all over human history from long ago, proving this isn’t the first time the transformers and the Human had to deal with each other. Sam explains what Megatron said to them regarding another source of energy on earth, something old. Simmons questions if the sutobots know anything about it, but Sam says they didn’t. Simmons say that it’s too bad they dont have a decepticon to ask, Mikaela says to “wait”.
Mikaela goes and gets the metal box from bumblebee and opens it to reveal Wheelie. When they ask him what the symbols mean, he says it’s the language of t he primes and he doesn’t know, but the Seekers would, and that the seeks were here on earth. Simmons thorws down a map and Wheelie pinpoints locations of the seekers, the closest is in DC.

Chapter 12:
They get to DC and head to an airplane Museum. They hide out and wait til close. With the allspark fragment, they find an SR-71 with decepticon logos on it. They attempt to get out of there, but the plane transforms, slowly. The humans take cover, but the robot knows that theyare present and arms a weapon. Sam steps out to talk with the robot. Sam sees that the robot is rather crochoty, and he introduces himself as Jetfire. Jetfire gets lost in thought and walks away from them. Sam catches up and start to ask Jetfire questions, Jetfire seems to be lost, he can’t remember where he is, then inquires to sam if the war is still going on , and lets him know that he thought the Decepitcon cause was pointless and he defected tot he autobots side. Wheelie breaks free of his containment and rushes to Jetfire and they talk in cybertronian, Wheelie jumps down and hugs mikaela’s leg, stating that if jetfire can defect, so can he, and he’s going to follow “Warrior Goddess”. Sam tries a few more times to get jetfire focused on what he needs to ask him, and finally takes the bot outside and starts drawing the symbols. Jetfire is taken aback by them, as they are a story, regarding The Fallen. He also mentions it’s part of his quest, to find the Dagger, the Kings, and the Key. He then opens a portal and sucks them all through it, warning to stay still so nothing goes wrong.

Chapter 13:
Jetfire transports all of them to Egypt.He then starts to explain to the kids the story of the symbols. That the rift that tore the transformers into two factions happened in this area. He gets interupted by the presense of a WWI BI-Plane coming at them, it tranforms into a decepticon (they never mention a name in the book, but I’m sure this is ransack), who starts yelling at jetfire for being a traitor. The Bi-plane opens fire on jetfire, but the one bullet it’s able to shoot bounces harmelssly off of jetfire. Jetfire responds by stepping on the ‘Con, crushing and killing it, saying “Always disliked him..”. He then continues with the story, stating that the plane and him were seekers, but he couldn’t put the story into words, so he shows them.The original 13 Primes, the allspark and the Machines that were created to drain power from Suns. The primes had one major directive, Life is precious. That is why they never drained our sun. The fallen disagreed with this and slayed all but one of his brothers. That brother took the matrix of leadership, which The Fallen Wanted, and sealed it with the tomb of his brothers, sacrificing himself by sealing the tomb from the inside. Earth was spared, and human’s were able to evolve. now the fallen is after the Matrix, to start up the machine to drain the sun. To stop him, only a prime can stop him, and all the direct decendants of the original 13 were slaughters, save one. This orphan was unaware of his destiny. Sam Realizes Jetfire is refering to Optimus. Jetfire is glad to hear of the prime, but saddened when Sam lets him know that Optimus went into stasis lock saving Sam. Sam gets the idea that if a small shard of the allspark could bring back megatron, couldn’t the matrix heal optimus? Jetfire didnt see why not, though it had never been done. They go to set off to find where the matrix is at, with the clue “when Dawn alights the Dagger’s Tip,three kings will lead the way”. Then Jetfire sits down and says he cant go because he would draw too much attention to them, and goes into a stasis nap.
Back at the military base, Militray offices, including morshower are disscussing why the president wouldn
t try to strike back after the deaths of 5000 on the AC carrier. Morshower explains that there is no one directly to attack, so the autobots are taking the fall. They all decide that it stinks.
Simmons figures out where “the dagger” is so they head there, trying to avaoid detection. They run into a checkpoint and Simmons trys, and fails, to talk there way past teh guards, so Bee takes off, leaving the post behind, but not before Sam is caught on Camera.
At interpol, they see the security footage and recognise Sam as the boy that was wanted, near Cairo.

Chapter 14:
While dealing with a police chase in Cairo, wheelie jumps onto the pursuing police car and starts to smach the windshield. Skids and Mudflap transform to take car eof the car, but the officer, having to deal with wheelie in his face, and now two alien robts drives off the road and the car flips. Wheelie gets back into bumblebee and nuzzles up against mikaela, she replies to the looks of the boys “what, he’s cute?”. The three cars continue on. Sam say they need to let Lennoz no, Simmons say not on an open channell.
Sam calls Sarah Lennox(who is with Monique Epps) from a pay phone and after he lets her know who he is, she agrees to pass on the info he gives her to her husband.
Monique epps calls the base to talk to her husband about how she’s upset, since Galloway wont let personal call, they put her on speakerphone. She proceedes to get Sams message over in a VERY humerous conversation with her husband as it takes him and lennox a little bit to figure out that she is saying stuff in code. After the conversation is over, Galloway comes over, the Guys figure he figured out the message, but he didn’t, give epps avice that the Wife is always right in conversation like that.
Lennox and Epps approch the C-17 Pilot, as he was with NEST, to figure out a way to drop the autobots, and lennox and epps at the location in egypt. He agrees and they figure out a story. Lennox gives him a piece of paper with a note for Morshower to “Bring the Rain” on the coodinates proviced.
Megatron lands in the area they are all being brought to. He stops to make contact with the fallen. The fallen is pleased with Meagtron and promises to make him a Prime, and provides the location of the Machine. Then the Fallen tells Magatron to Prepare for his arrival.

Chapter 15:
Starts off in a old visitors center for the Giza Pyramids. While trying to get some rest,and talking with Mikaela, Sam realizes the “Three Kings”are the stars in Orions Belt. After some fiddling with his GPS Simmons figures out the location they want to be at is in Jordan. They take off fast to get there.
Now in Petra, they enter a tomb anf begin to look around, but are finding nothing. Everyone begins to argue till the arguing send the twins into a wrestling match with each other. Mudflag punches his brother sending him into a wall, which breaks the plaster and reveals cybertronian marking behind it. Bumblebee pulls downthe rest of the plaster, once satisfied that his metal wall is the tomb of the ancients, he blasts a hole in it and the group enters.The Room they entered was actually made from the fused bodies of the 12 ancients. One of the ancients had his hand sticking out, but inside it was only black sand.While being frustrated that the matrix would dissolve into a mass of black sand, Sam puts all the sand into his Sock that he took off, and let’s everyone know that he believes the even the sand will work.
Aboard the C-17, the pilot inisiates the plan, which allows Lennox to dump Galloway off the back of the Plane before they plan on jumping. Then the Humans jump down with optimus’s body, as the autobots jump as well. They land in the deserted city that the coordinates led them to. They see bumblebee and the twins approaching, but then also see an F-22. Suddenly a series of EMP bursts kills all possible communications.

Chapter 16:
Bumblebee and the twins are racing for the abandoned town, when swooping above them comes Megatron and Starscream. Lennox and Epps see this, as well as 13 other figures approaching the city, all of them decepticons.
Morshower is trying to see what’s going on using video from a stalite, but Soundwave is under the controll of what they are seeing, which for Morshower is just his troops searching and finding nothing. Soundwave is quite pleased with himself.
Both Con’s come about and temp to shoot at the cars, but the three ‘Bots are too quick for the ‘Cons. They decide to split up, Simmons with the twins one way, Bumblebee another way, and Sam and Mikaela into hiding.
Simmons and Sam part ways with a general liking and trust of each other. Leo jumps in the car with simmons. The twins take off, bee goes his way, and Sam and Mikaela go into a building. As they ar eattempting to move from building to building closer to optimus, Sm stops as he hears the Cons arguing outside the building they are in. Through a small hole he is able to see starscream’s legs. A bug crawls through the hole, which turns out to be a decepticon, and sam kills it. This alerts the cons to their presence, adn they rip the roof off teh building as the two humans run for it. They get up on top of the building as Screamer is trying to get to them, and blasting at them, but they start leaping from rooftop to rooftop, when suddenly they crash through a rotten roof to the floor below.
Morshower is frustrated that they cannot communicate with his team. So he has his people doulble check with the local military and sends in a UAV to check things out.
The twins skidded to a halt as they approach an open quarry with 4 constructions vehilces in it (a Giant hauler, a dump truck, a front loader and a crane), three more vehicles approach the others, as Leo and Simmons argued the Constructicons slide together to form Devestator. Simmons says “this ain’t gonna go our way!”
Lennox and his troops had set up a defensive possition quite well, but Sam and Mikaela could see it. As they were running down an empty alley a large decepticon comes up behind them and with the force of his landing, knocks them down. As sam looks at teh con, it opens it’s chect to reveal a compartment carrying Sam’s Parents, and deposits them on the ground. The Con threatens Sam to hand over what he has or his parents Die. Ron tells his son to run. BB is closing in on Sam’s position, but from his body language could tell that there a problem in a position that Bee couldn’t see, so he motions to Sam to Distract it. Sam pleads with the Con, offering whatever it wants, just as Bee slams into it. While the ‘Con is bigger and stronger, Bee is faster and smarter. bee rips off one of it’s arms, then Sam, after he clears his parents, tell Bee to finish the job. Bee does some flipping around the con, and holding it’s other arm from behind, kicks it to send it fly into a heap, leaving behind both of it’s arms. Sam sends his parents to Satefy with Bee, Mikaela and him prepare to move on.

Chapter 17:
Simmons, Leo, Skids and Mudflap were faced up against devastator. They turned to run and hide as Devy started to suck up everything around it. Mudflap and the two humans found spots that Devy wasn’t getting them, but Skids wasn’t so fortunate. Skids got sucked into Devy’s open mouth. Devy closed it to finish his catch. He then stopped and was reacting to something when all of a sudden Skids blacted out of Devy’s head through his right eye. In an attempt to stop the Monstrousity from kill all of them, they moved to underneath him, since he was large and slow, this worked. After some time Devistator finnally ignored them and went in the opposite direction.
A pogosticking ‘Con is bouncing around destroying everything in sight.
Simmons and Leo stay underneath Devy’s legs as he moves towards the Pyramid. Suddenly a vortex swirls and the Fallen appears. Simmons looks at the fallen and megatron and feels that megatron looks ordinary againt the fallen.
Megatron informs the fallen that his machine is there adn that the boy is within reach. The battle isn’t going well for the good guys. ironhide and Sideswipe are taking hits. Humans are dying left and right. The Fallen appears to have a telekinetic like ability as he manipulates nuemerous things around him without ever touching them.
Sam and Mikaela finnaly get to Lennox.
Devy Climbs the pyramid, whch gives Simmons and Leo time to escape. Devy starts to tear apart the top of the pyramid, revealing the top of the Great Machine.
Simmons calls the Captain on the roosevelt, a ship waiting for orders in nearby waters, to fire an experimentle Rail Gun at the location Simmons is going to call back with.
The UAV finnaly reaches the seen and shows what’s realy going on. The military scramble to get help into the fray. Various military vehicles show up for addition force for NEST. Two ‘Cons bear down on Sam and Mikaela, but the newly arrived tanks fire upon them, distracting them, Lennox and Epps get to the kids. Lennox get them ready to run, Sam wants to get to optimus, but lennox says later because the rain is comming .Suddenly a Con appears in front of them, ready to strike the death blow, but out of the sky comes jetfire and blows the ‘Con in two, just as quick Skorponok comes out of the sand and pierces Jetfire in the chest. Jetfire Pops off his head and then disposes of the rest of Skorponoks Carcass. Jetfire is wounded badly, but moves on. They run, but Sam changes course and runs for Optimus’s body. A bomb from the sky sends Sam flying, but he’s ok, gets up and starts running again.
Suddenly the Figure of Megatron as a tank blast at Sam, sending him face first into the sand, but he draws too much attention to himself and pulls away before he can blast Sam again. Mikaela makes it to Sam but he’s not moving. Lennox gets to Sam and checks him and call for a Medic. They try to bring him back, but they can’t. Mikaela cries over his body, telling him to come back, she loves him. Bumblebee appears with the Sock, and lets the remainder of the black sand to fall on Sam………..
Sam see’s white, the nhe is spoken to by the Primes. THey let him know he had proven himself worthy of the matrix of leadership by showing courage and scarafice. They tell him that the Matrix is his. He suddenly wakes up in Mikaela’s arms as she is begging for him to come back to her. SHe says “I love you” again, and he is fiannly able to say it to her. Suddenly the black sand by Sam’s right hand begins to pull itself together and it forms the Matrix. Sam grabs it and runs to Optimus and plunges the matrix into his body. Optimus is revived but weak. The Fallen Arrives and brushes aside Ironhide and Ratchet. Then knocks down optimus and takes the Matrix from Sam. The fallen teleports to the pyramid to start the machine. Jetfire appears and let’s Optimus know he has more power than he thinks and sacrifices the last of his spark so optimus can take his parts and fly. Ratchet works quickly on optimus and he takes off toward the pyramid as the beam of energy is turned on, racing to touch the sun and steal it’s power. Simmons crawls up Between Devy’s legs and calls t he Roosvelt to fire the shot, and not miss low. The shot hits devy in the chest with such force that it tears him apart, while Simmons fled. Optimus Tears though a spire on the machine, stopping the energy from reaching the sun. The power released from that was enough to damage and melt some parts of ‘Cons around the area, including Screamer and Megs. Optimus Faces the Fallen. After the Fallen question prime with a “you DARE challenge ME, Im a Prime”, Optimus defies him with “You abandoned that name when you slaughtered your brother. Only one prime now, and my ansestry will be avenged. Optimus Pounds the fallen. Megatron questions the fallen, “you promised to make me a prime” and optimus replies “Primes are born, not made megatron, you were betrayed.” The fallen cries for Megs help, but megs ignors him. The Fallrn opens a port to escape, but prime pulls him back to finish him off. Megs and Screamer escape through the portal. Prime Rips the Spire point off the machine and, using his jets, Rams the point into the skull of the fallen. The fallen’s shell tumbles to the ground. Optimus Retrieves the Matrix from the machine, and looks up to assess the situation of the aftermath. Mudflap comes over carrying Simmons and Skids is pulling a part of devy with a smiling Leo on it.
Back on the Roosvelt Ratchet is going around taking care of autobot wounds. Sam and Optimus are on the deck talking to one another. Sam says that the Symbols in his head are gone, Optimus lets him know they are in the matrix. Sam comments to optimus that the Primes had told him that he didnt know the truth about his future, and wondered if optimus did.
Quoting the last paragrah of the Chapter:
“Optimus Considered. “I know one thing. Whatever it may hold, it is a future we’ll meet together. Our Planets, our races, united by a history long forgotten, yet to be discovered.” Tilting back his head, he peered up at the sky and through it, to the stars beyond.”

Fade to black, Roll the credits
Credits end
Back on the Nemesis Megatron waits for himself to repair. He goes back to the cargo bay as the lights flicker on. Megatron peers at the numerous sarcophagi, hold protoforms all Loyal to Him! “Arise”


É isso. Se não foi espetacular o surficiente, lamento, mas é tudo o que eu vou postar por hoje, e se calhar pelos próximos dias eu faça uma pequena pausa do blog para tratar de Ultimate Invasion.  E também quero dizer que não li absolutamente nada depois do capítulo 4, para guardar surpresa! Portanto, é garantido: Vai ser espetacular!


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  1. acho que eu vou começar a traduzir isso. depois eu posto na atb o link pro meu blog,porque nem todo mundo vai querer ver no forum. tão grande spoiler.

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